Comprehensive PRP Training Course (2 day)


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Why PRP Course?


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses injections of a concentration of the patient's own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints.

PRP can also help with the following:

- reduction of pain

 - slows down the progression of osteoarthritis

- stimulates the formation of new cartilage

- increase the production of natural lubricating fluid in the joint

 - widely used in beauty industry 



In order to apply for this course you would need to be a qualified physiotherapist, nurse or medical practitioner. The course is also suitable for GP's, GP trainees. 

Please note - in order to practice injection therapy in the UK, you will need to hold valid insurance certificate.



To apply for PRP course, you will need to complete Injection course.

If you apply for two courses  a generous discount is available.

The majority of the candidate complete these two courses with Monroe 




Dr. S. M. Mustofa Kamal PT
B.Sc.PT (DU), MPH (BUHS), MDMR (Fellow- SST, BOU)
Experienced & extended scope practitioner  

Contact person – Monika Milczarek M.A B.Sc MHCPC

Consultant Physiotherapist and Clinical Educator 


This course is provided in association with Monroe Medical NI Ltd - an advanced provider of MSK and Neuro Training.


Monroe Medical is a decisive supporting mechanism in relation to Injection Workshop and Training Programmes. 

Why Monroe Medical and our Injection Therapy Course and PRP Course?

 - we offer hands on component in each of our training programmes. 

 - our courses are provided  by experienced physiotherapists and clinicians

 - upon completion you will obtain a continuous supervision from registered physiotherapists in the UK 

A hotel room can be booked in the same venue.

How many  plasma injections do you need to offer my patients?


This would depend on the patient. Usually 3-5 injections every 4 weeks are required.


Will platelet-rich plasma injections hurt my patients?


In general PRP  injections are not painful.

Sometimes, physiotherapist will inject a local anesthetic into the skin to stop the PRP injection

from hurting. All the above components will be covered in our Joint Course. 



For PRP injections, I would need to draw the blood to prepare PRP. I am not keen on taking blood.

What can I do? Is the joint injection course for me?

The simplest solution would be to hire a nurse who will take a blood sample for you.

In fact, it is recommended that a different practitioner takes blood and another one injects plasma. 

These techniques and tips will be shared in our Joint Injection course.



Does your Injection Course cover collagen injections?

Yes, we will cover collage and steroid injections, as well as  PRP Injections in our Injection Course.


I completed Joint Injection course in London. We had very little interaction with patients, We practiced injections on knee and hip injection models. 

Please tell me more about practical component in your Injection Course?


Our Injection course consist of two elements 

 - theoretical part 

 - practical elements 


Theoretical part is the most vital element in our Joint Injection course.

Candidates will have opportunity to practice on joint injections on patients. 


Why do other physiotherapist inject steroid instead of PRP?

Many clinicians offer PRP injections, as well as steroid treatment.

However, some of the clinicals specialise in PRP Therapy.

Physiotherapists should inform patients about PRP injection and steroid injections. If a patient centered approach is used, an informed decision can be certainly made. 


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Excellent Training. Greatly recommended. Usman Shakir Senior  Physiotherapists