Our unbeatable Educational Packages  - Study and Work in the UK

Guaranteed Admission,

Part time work and

assistance with HCPC registration 

Our programme consists of the following:

 - professional assistance with university admission 

 - help with student visa

 - assistance with work (part time while you study), spouse visa etc.

 - help with HCPC registration

 - practical sessions in physiotherapy, if required

 - further help with interviews for band 5/6 physio

Our offices for uni admission are based:





Universities we work with:                                                                                 


We work closely with Ulster University in Northern Ireland, UK.

Because of its outstanding reputation we will always recommend Ulster University as the first choice for further education.

However, if you would like to enrol to another university, we can also assist. 

Global Admission Service Ltd is an EU-funded professional firm which represents various UK universities. 


I do not have IELTS? What are my options? 


Some universities would require IELTS 5,5 or 6,5.

If you do not have an IELTS certificate, we can still help and find the best option without an IELTS certificate.


Can I work as a physiotherapist while I study?


As a student (if you do not have HCPC registration) we can help with a part time work as a physio assistant, care assistant or casual work. The hourly rate of pay is min. £10


 If you would like to work as a physiotherapist in the UK while you study (or afterwards) you need to obtain HCPC approval to work legally in the UK.


If you are HCPC registered we will direct you to MSK clinics for interviews.

We will also assist with interview preparation.


If you do not have HCPC registration we will assist with HCPC approval, if required.

Do I need an IELTS certificate for HCPC registration?


While being in the UK, you can forward your HCPC application form, without an IELTS exam.

HCPC registration states that candidates who use English on a daily basis, do not require an IELTS certificate.

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How do I start?


Because of an extremely high volume of candidates, we can only help those who forward the following documents:

For university admission - Masters and Postgraduate study:


1. CV 

2. Personal Statement 

3. Copy of 10th and 12th grade (Certificate & Marksheet) 

4. Copy of Bachelor Degree (Certificate & Marksheet) 

5. Copy of IELTS or any other English proficiency certificate which is accepted by the UNIVERSITY.

If you do not have IELTS you need to provide an update 

6 Personal Statement 

7. Your name

8. Name of the course

9. Universities you would like to study

10 Passport copy and home address

11. Two recommendation letters 


Please note: You would need to forward ALL OF the above documents to obtain an update. Because of a high volume of candidates, we can only help those clients who forward all of the above documents.



Student visas will be provided for successful candidates.


After graduation candidates will obtain a 2 year work permit. 

Our solicitors can also help with a family/spouse visa, if required.


Scholarship /Discount 


Some of the universities are offering discounts /scholarships between £2000-£3500 

We will assist with the application if required.

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How do I start the Process?

Please  forward documents via  and one of our advisors will ring you to arrange a confidential discussion. 

Studying physiotherapy in the UK is a dream of many physios.

The UK can offer excellent Physiotherapy Master Degrees.

But our help does not relate only to physiotherapy courses in the UK.

We go the extra mile for our students.

We help with part-time work for physiotherapists in the UK and other healthcare professionals.

Moreover, we assist with HCPC registration and practical placements if required.

This professional registration package is only available by Monroe Medical.

Our dedicated agents will provide continuous counselling and mentoring if required.

Why chose Monroe Medical?

We work with many universities and agencies to find you an excellent pathway relating to a physiotherapy master's degree in the UK or Ph.D. We are the only agency in the UK to help with HCPC registration processes and work for physiotherapists, OTs, and radiographers in the UK while studying.

Would you require a family visa?

We can help

You don't have IELTS? - Some universities do not require IELTS 

Would you like to study and work in the UK? We can assist 

What is the best option to study physiotherapy in the UK during COVID 19?

Many universities offer part-time and online physiotherapy courses in the UK.

It is an excellent opportunity to work as a physiotherapist in the UK on a part-time basis and study part-time.

Many universities offer online physiotherapy master's degrees to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Many candidates use this excellent opportunity to obtain additional part-time experience.

Experience is crucial if it comes to searching for a physiotherapy job in the future.

Physiotherapy university courses can add value to your CV and allow you to claim on the physiotherapy ladder.

Our solicitors would work hard to help with visas for your spouse, if required, and work if needed.

What are physiotherapy degree UK entry requirements?

These requirements can vary depending on the university.

Usually, an English proficiency exam would be required, your CV and information about your grades.

Please forward an email to us, and we will assist with entry requirements either for a bachelor's degree or a master's.

Do I need IELTS to study physiotherapy degree in the UK?

The majority of universities will ask for a valid IELTS certificate for acceptance for a physiotherapy degree in the UK.

Some universities do not require an IELTS certificate if candidates studied in English and can produce evidence that they are proficient in English.

How to become a physiotherapist in the UK?

To work legally in the UK, candidates need a valid HCPC registration.

Obtaining a BSc in Physiotherapy either in the UK or overseas is crucial to register with the HCPC.

Which country is best to study physiotherapy?

According to our recent survey, the UK and America are among the best countries to study physiotherapy degree courses.

Studying physiotherapy in the UK can be extremely rewarding. You can gain clinical experience while studying and work on a part-time basis as a physiotherapist in the UK.

Whether you decide to remain in the UK or return to your country, a physiotherapy degree from the UK will always remain an excellent asset in your CV.

What else can I do while study physiotherapy degree courses in the UK?

Monroe Medical can offer practical work experience in the UK while you study.

We work closely with clinics in the UK to assist with the practical element and offer excellent facilities to practice physiotherapy.

Moreover, depending on your location, we can offer part-time work for physiotherapists in the UK. Candidates would need to have a valid HCPC registration to work as a physiotherapist in the UK. If you are currently not registered with HCPC in the UK, please contact us, and we will assist with HCPC registration procedures if required.

Why chose Monroe Medical as the number one choice for your physiotherapy degree in the UK?

- Successful track record of candidates who obtained HCPC approval, work placements, and offer letters from universities

- We work closely with experienced  immigration lawyers in the UK who can assist with a visa for your spouse, if necessary

- We can offer part-time and full-time jobs for physiotherapists in the UK in MSK and Neuro clinics. If you are not HCPC registered, we can help

- We can assist with career development by offering advanced physiotherapy courses and webinars

- Our agents are registered with HCPC, and we understand your requirements

Successful reviews 

I would like to express my sincere thanks to your company Monroe Medical.  I have tried many clinics but I did not receive positive feedback. Without strong efforts of Monroe Medical it would be impossible.      Thank you. 

Prabhjot Singh, CORU Registered Physiotherapist 

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