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Working in the UK as a physiotherapist is a rewarding role.

Excellent hospitals, advanced training, and endless development prospects wait for those who would like to start this superb career path in the UK.

Would you like to work in the UK

we CAN HELP- Do you require a Tier 2 visa?


Do you need clinical experience to know the UK system and gain clinical skills?




It is important to remember that working as a physiotherapist in the UK can offer much more than the physiotherapy profession in other countries.

Physiotherapists in the UK can prescribe medication and inject steroids into joints. It is a well-regarded profession.

Moreover, vital equipment is available for patients like a stairlift, specialist sleeping systems, standing frames, etc.

Working as a physiotherapist in the UK can change a patient's life and add value to your career and well-being.

If you are based already in the UK and do not require a visa, please visit our “physiotherapy jobs UK” Facebook page to access physiotherapy vacancies.

On our Facebook, we describe NHS physiotherapy jobs in the UK and work placements in private clinics.

The physiotherapy job market is very competitive. Many clinical managers would ask for a clinical experience in the UK.

We can offer physiotherapists practical placements in the UK to increase candidates' chances for a successful employment contract. Please click on the link below to explore physio work experience opportunities in the UK.

It may prove complex for some physiotherapists based outside the UK to find physio work and physiotherapy jobs in the UK.

Lack of experience or visa issues may be challenging for some candidates; however Monroe Medical can assist with a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) and work experience in physiotherapy.

We have a successful track record concerning physiotherapy jobs for overseas candidates in the UK.



There are many Pakistani physiotherapists in the UK. They are highly qualified clinicians.

Indian physiotherapists in the UK are also a well-experienced workforce.

The UK work visa for physiotherapists is an achievable goal.

Please contact us via info@monroemedical.co.uk for more information about a Tier 2 visa for physiotherapists.


If you are based in the UK and looking for a rewarding role, please forward your CV via info@monroemedical.co.uk

We advertise physiotherapy jobs in the UK on our Facebook.

If you do not have clinical physiotherapy experience, we can also assist with practical sessions in the UK.

Interview preparation packages are also available for our candidates.

Our agents are registered with HCPC, and we can indeed find the best role according to your requirements.

How to work as a physio in the UK?

To work legally as a physio in the UK, you will need to obtain HCPC registration.

Secondly, you need to approach clinics and hospitals which have a valid sponsorship license.

We work closely with clients who have this license and can offer a Tier 2 visa for physiotherapists, and we can provide professional service concerning the requirement and career development.

Is there anything else I need other than Tier 2 sponsorship for physiotherapists?

Once you pass an interview successfully, an employer will need to complete the  Labour Market test and apply for the Sponsorship UK Certificate for physiotherapists.

With this vital certificate, a candidate will be able to apply for a Tier 2 visa.

Monroe Medical can assist with this requirement.

We work closely with clinics and hospitals and can offer excellent physiotherapy jobs for overseas physiotherapists in the UK.

Are there any physiotherapy jobs in the UK for foreigners?

Yes, please visit our Facebook and website to find all the information about clients who can offer a COS and a Tier 2 visa for physiotherapists.


Is it difficult to get a Tier 2 visa for physiotherapists in the UK?

The Home Office recently relaxed many rules, especially those relating to a salary threshold.

We work hard to assist with a Tier 2 sponsorship for physiotherapists in the UK. However, if our clients do not have any vacancies for physiotherapists, we can offer an alternative pathway.

If you are an ambitious individual and would like to study in the UK, a study visa for physiotherapists in the UK is available.

You will be allowed then to work as a physiotherapist in the UK for 20 hours. Monroe Medical will assist with part-time employment or practical placement, if necessary.

According to a recent visa update, once candidates complete a physiotherapy course at a university in the UK, they will also be allowed to remain in the UK for two years and work without any restrictions.

Please send us an email, and we will be able to assist with university admission and HCPC registration if you do not have any.

We work closely with various universities. Some of them do not require IELTS. You can study physiotherapy in the UK without IELTS.

We can help you choose the best physiotherapy masters in the UK and offer assistance with work and registration. Please forward an email via info@monroemedical.co.uk with a title “Physiotherapy Courses UK”.

Many candidates ask us why it is challenging to obtain a Tier 2 Sponsorship for physiotherapists in the UK.

There are two main reasons:

-To work legally in the UK, the employers would need to issue a COS for the candidates. Not every hospital or business has this specialist license.

- Lack of experience. The physiotherapy market in the UK is extremely competitive.

Clinic owners seek candidates who have UK clinical experience.

Monroe Medical works closely with solicitors who can help with the legal requirements set by the Home Office.

We can assist with the interview preparation and introduce a candidate to a client to obtain a physiotherapy job in the UK.

Is Monroe Medical able to assist with a work permit for physiotherapists in the UK? Are there any physiotherapy jobs for candidates from India?

There are many physiotherapy jobs in the UK for overseas physiotherapists.

Please check our website and Facebook for successful reviews from candidates who obtained physiotherapy jobs in London or other parts of the UK.

Work permits for physiotherapists in the UK are getting more popular. Our clients - MSK and Neuro Clinics can offer a Tier 2 Sponsorship for physiotherapists in the UK.

Please contact us via email to obtain more information.

Successful reviews

" I cannot be grateful enough for the support, care and help I have received from dear Monika and Monroe

Medical company :)) ! Personally and professionally Monika is a wonderful person, who leaves no stone

unturned to help people to obtain HCPC registration and find a desirable job in the physiotherapy field.

Her desire is to support people like you and me, making their first steps into the physiotherapy world, is


Ewelina Kosmaczewska, HCPC Registered Physiotherapists 


"This is a little note to let you know just how helpful you have been. You’re such an amazing teacher. I can’t believe we

made it to the end! You were right beside me all along, and for that I’m so incredibly grateful. You were so generous with

your time when I was struggling. You motivated and inspired me to do my best and your answers to my questions were

always specific and helpful. Thank you once again I got the job as Technical Instructor for a Therapy team."

Melodie Mayo Gundayao

"To begin with I am glad that I found your agency , which really helped me in my entire process of HCPC Registration. I would like to show my special gratitude to Monika , as she is kind, patient and really knowledgeable person , who gave me a proper and precise information , where I could cross all of my hurdles which I came through the registration process very easily and could submit my application successfully .I chose this agency from my friend's reference and I genuinely feel this agency is trustworthy and I would recommend this agency to anyone who needs a physio job or assistance with registration". 

Hardika Dhamecha - HCPC Registered Physiotherapist

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