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Paediatric Physiotherapy Belfast 

​​We also work closely with Occupational Therapists to advise in relation to various equipment like standing frames, sleeping systems etc.

Our doctors can perform ultrasound if necessary to provide a correct diagnosis. We are one of the first paediatric physiotherapy clinics in Belfast to introduce postural exercises and corrective gymnastics to improve the posture of our young patients.

Our treatment approach is based on world class treatment like Bobath, Postural Exercises, Gait Re-Education, Cognitive education and Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation (ABR).

What do we treat?

We offer a comprehensive assessment and advanced treatments for the following conditions:

·         Orthopaedic / musculoskeletal conditions

·         Genetic conditions e.g. Down’s Syndrome.

·         Respiratory conditions.

·         Physical disability/ neurological conditions eg. Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifita, Erb’s Palsy.

·         Learning disability and Developmental delay

·         Disorders of movement e.g. Dyspraxia/DCD “clumsy child syndrome”

What our clients say?

“ Jasper suffers from Dandy - Walker Syndrome.

I went to many specialist but we just received exercises which had to be followed at home. Jasper was not motivated and his development did not progress.

Paediatric Physiotherapy team in Belfast provided an excellent consultation. An experienced physiotherapist, speech therapist and rehab assistant provided a wonderful programme. We saw excellent results after 6 sessions.

After 4 months of therapy, Jasper was walking and playing with other children. This is a wonderful achievement.

Sam and Jennifer Hagan, Limavady

How successful is physiotherapy for children?


Paediatric physiotherapy provided by an experienced clinician can be vital for a child or baby.

It is important to maintain range of movements and strength in various muscle groups.

However, with a regular therapy a significant improvement can be also obtained.

We have many patients on our Data Base who made an extremely vital progress in walking and gross motor skills development.

In our paediatric clinic in Belfast we can offer a comprehensive assessment where various treatment options will be discussed.

Parents will also receive home exercise programme and professional advice in relation to transfers and daily activities.


Are there are only three paediatirc physiotherapists in Northern Ireland?


Yes, there are only three physiotherapists who offer private paedaitric physiotherapy in Northern Ireland.


It takes many years of clinical study and vital experience in order to become a paediatric physiotherapist.

Patience, gentle approach and caring attitude is also vital.

Specialist courses like Boath can take many years and also would require the clinicians to go abroad to pass exams.

We offer professional paedaitric physiotherapy in our clinic in Belfast.

If required, we can provide home paediatric physiotherapy visits in Belfast.

Private paediatric physiotherapy in Belfast – new trends

Not only parents but also teachers and carers enquire about children’s physio in Belfast.

Postural problems, developmental delay and neurological issues are among the most common concerns which the teachers and parents ask about.

Many carers will also approach OUR Paediatric Physio Belfast service in order to obtain professional advice and review equipment.

Exercise programmes needs to be reviewed on regular basis and walking/standing frames used by children would need to be adjusted every 3-4 months.


But no only children and young adults require paediatric physiotherapy in Belfast.

Many desperate parents also ask for a baby physio in Northern Ireland.

Babies need to be very carefully observed by parents especially in the beginning of their development.

Some of the babies would require a regular baby chest physio if they suffer from CF or chest infection.


Peadiatric neuro physiotherapy would help with neurological impairment.

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What is paediatric physiotherapy?

We offer a professional paediatric PHYSIOTHERAPY service in Belfast and surrounding areas to meet the specific needs of children from birth to adolescence.

​​Our paediatric physiotherapy division in Northern Ireland is managed by Registered Physiotherapy Consultants who 

have over twenty years’ clinical experience in treating patients from babies to adolescents with a variety of conditions including musculoskeletal issues and developmental delay.