Our private home care services in London can offer not only a professional companionship but also regular exercises and rehab programmes for Stoke Survivors.

Stroke may affect your movements, balance, coordination, as well as various vital functions.

NHS can offer physiotherapy and community visits for the clients who have suffered stroke.

In most of the cases a weakness in one site of the body will be present.

It can be either one site of the body or one limb.

Live in care London service is very important in order to ensure that a patient is safe.

The Occupational Therapist may suggest various adaptations (specialist equipment, stair lifts etc).

However, everything would depend on the severity of the stroke.

Our live in carers can also offer exercises and transfer practice.

Our Live in Care London Division can also offer a confidential advice and assessment in order to discuss various options and introduce carers.

Moreover, our physiotherapists will also devise rehab programmes that you can maintain range of movements in our joints.

Many post stroke patients struggle with walking.

Walking practice will be also provided and supervised by our live in carers in London.

Please ring Monroe Medical to enquire about private home care services in London.

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Monroe Medical is an introductory agency as defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and RQIA. We vet, check, train and introduce self-employed carers to clients. Monroe Medical is the trading name of Monroe Medical NI Ltd, a company registered in Northern Ireland (NI616503). 


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