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Injection Therapy Belfast, Injection Therapy London, Injection Therapy Dublin 

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Joint pain and sport injuries can make your life difficult.

In regenerative medicine and physiotherapy there are many methods to decrease pain in the joints and regenerate various injured structures.

Monroe Clinic can offer advanced physiotherapy treatments for arthritis, gout and other injuries.

Our award-winning service - joint injections - are regarded as innovative and effective approach to surgical treatment or even joint replacement.


The following joint injections can be used:

 - PRP Injections

 - Hyaluronic acid injections

 - Steroid Injections

Platelet Rich Plasma injections (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma injections (PRP) are regarded as a revolutionary tool in the field of regenerative medicines.

 Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid is a key component of the joint fluid.

Hyaluronic acid injections improve joint movement by increasing joint lubrication and reducing joint friction and inflammation.

Latest research suggests that it may slow osteoarthritis progression and help tendonitis.

It gives the joint fluid its viscous, slippery quality which is essential for smooth and pain free movement.

Hyaluronic acid injection is safe and its benefits last long-lasting.




Steroid Joint Injections

Damage or injury to a joint can cause pain, discomfort and swelling.

 Steroid joint injections are injected into the patient's joint to reduce inflammation, ease pain and promote easy joint movement.


What conditions are treated with joint injection therapy?






Preparing for a steroid or PRP joint injection.

Injection Therapy Dublin. Injection Therapy London. Injection Therapy Belfast.

Our clinician will explain how to prepare for your medical procedure.

You would need to fill in the questionnaire and provide information and details about any medicines you are taking.

An assessment form would need to be completed before your clinician administers joint injections.

You may be asked about diabetes or any other health concerns.


You will receive a comprehensive leaflet and explanation about after care and side effects, if any, of injection therapy. 


What to expect afterwards

 - pain reduction

 - less swelling

 - increased range of movements 


What does joint injection actually do?

Steroid Injection Therapy is extremely beneficial for swelling and pain in shoulder, knee and hip joint.

Hyaluronic acid injections and PRP Injections are also an excellent alternative to steroid injections.

Your healthcare professional will explain about PRP and collagen Injections during an initial consultation.

Side-effects of steroid joint injections

All treatments can have side-effects. These side-effects are temporary.

Side-effects of steroid joint injections may include:

  • Mild swelling

  • Pain


We can offer professional Injection Therapy. Our healthcare professionals are HCPC Registered Extended Scope Physiotherapists.  Monroe Medical is an award winning physiotherapy clinic which can offer Injection Therapy in Belfast and Injection Therapy in London.

Injection therapy Belfast

Injection therapy Dublin

Injection Therapy London

joint injection Belfast

joint injection Dublin

joint injection London

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