Physiotherapy interview preparation


Since 2013 we are assisting our candidates with interview preparation.

We offer one-to-one comprehensive mentoring and coaching.

Our candidates have successfully passed various interviews and have secured work placements within the NHS and in MSK private clinics







Physiotherapy interview questions. How can I prepare myself?

Firstly, you need to know the clinical settings of your future workplace. Secondly, you should analyse and study the Job Description as many physiotherapy interview questions relate to the job description.

Concerning clinical questions - you would need to be well prepared in the core areas of physiotherapy involved in your work placement.

There are also questions about clinical governance and stress/conflict management.

Why do you offer a "one-to-one" physiotherapy interview preparation instead of sending a list of the questions and answers?

We feel that each candidate represents a  different set of skills, weaknesses, and strengths.

Only through a "face to face" preparation with qualified physiotherapists (who specialise in each core area of physiotherapy) can we focus on shortfalls and maximise the chances for a successful outcome.


I struggle with clinical questions. What can I do? How can I pass the MSK physiotherapy interview?

Through our mentoring, we can assist with clinical questions.

If the candidate has  gaps and shortfalls, we can forward study materials concerning Red Flags, SOAP notes, and Clinical Reasoning. If a phone or Skype consultation would be required, our experienced physiotherapists can also assist. Some candidates ask for a shadowing MSK placement for 3-4 days to understand the UK physiotherapy system.

We can also arrange  practical MSK placements in Norfolk and London.

I have never worked in the UK but the interviewers and clinical managers keep asking me about MSK experience from the UK.

Many employers would ask for clinical experience.

We feel that the candidates can still secure physiotherapy employment if they answer physiotherapy questions correctly and show an interest and passion.

However, certain physiotherapy jobs would require to demonstrate UK clinical physiotherapy experience.

Please study information about our Advanced Physiotherapy courses and practical placements.

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Assistance needed with physio interview questions? Please click here for additional information

Professional assistance with band 3-8 physio interview questions provided by registered clinicians. 94 % success rate. Click here for further info

Positive Reviews 

"During my adaptation training with Monroe Medical I received  massive support and passed
successfully and interview for a physio assistant work placement. Monika always encouraged me to
continue applying for jobs. She carefully studied the interview related job description and recommend me to
focus on clinical questions, exercises and outcome measures. She also arranged a call before the
interview to suggest and discuss difficult questions. I received an excellent  support with my interviews which allowed me to land a job as physio assistant in the NHS in a reasonable time. And this will give me a great opportunity to successfully apply as junior physio when I will be fully registered."
Laura Farinella HCPC Registered Physiotherapist 

This is a little note to let you know just how helpful you have been. You’re such an amazing teacher and I

hope you know that, Monroe Medical! I can’t believe we made it to the end! You were right beside me all

along, and for that I’m so incredibly grateful. You were so generous with your time when I was struggling.

You motivated and inspired me to do my best and your answers to my questions were always clear. 

Thank you Monika for helping me in my advance STUDY IN Physiotherapy and Thank you once again I

got the job as Technical Instructor for a Therapy team.

Melodie Mayo Gundayao