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How To Register With GDC as a dental technician or dental hygienist?

How to register with HCPC ?


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How to register as a dentist in the UK?


To work legally as a dentist in the UK, you would need to obtain GDC registration.

Many oversees dentists would need to complete a one-year course at university and complete practical placements in the UK to finalise their dental registration.

This is extremely complex and costly process.

Many candidates opt for a registration as a dental hygienist or dental technician in the UK.


What is DCP registration?

Dental Care Professional or DCP covers a number of titles that are eligible for GDC registration

Please remember that each title has its own scope of practice and different Standards of Proficiency.

These titles are:

  • dental nurse

  • dental technician

  • dental therapist

  • dental hygienist

  • orthodontic therapist

  • clinical dental technician. 

Please contact Monroe Medical to enquire about the above professions and eligibility.


How to register as a Dental Hygienist or Dental Therapist in the UK?

Please ensure you fulfil the following elements to apply as a dental hygienist in the UK.

  • You hold a BDS Dental Degree from overseas

  • You have never applied for the GDC assessment

If you answered the above questions positively, you would approach GDC via their website and fill in a short GDC application form.

Under the section “Route to Register” you will find various questions relating to your degree and experience.

Once the form is submitted to the GDC, candidates will obtain an email within 8 to 10 working days.

If you obtain a positive approval from GDC you can commence your registration as a dental hygienist or technician. GDC will forward an email with various forms and attachments.


What documents  do I need to obtain dental hygienist registration in the UK?


The following documents would be required:

Learning Outcomes Form.

DCP Assessment Form: Certificate of Good Standing Form:

Professional Reference Form: 

Learning Outcomes Form is the most important form in the entire application.

This form contains of various details relating to your syllabus, outcomes, training and placements. It is crucial to complete this form correctly and provide as many details as required. If GDC assessors identify some gaps and shortfalls, you form may be rejected or you may be asked to complete a period of adaptation.



DCP Assessment form – this form relates to your address, email ID, personal details, university details etc.


Who do I approach for the Reference From?

You can approach your previous employer or supervisors who assisted with student internship. It can be also a work colleague.

What other Documents do  I need to send with my application for Dental Hygienist/ Therapist registration?

The following documents would need to be submitted to the GDC:


  • a completed Application Form 

  • a completed Character Reference Form)

  • a Learning Outcomes Form

  • a certified copy of your BDS or Dental qualification certificate

  • a certified copy of the Syllabus / Transcript 

  • a certified copy of the  mark-sheets 

  • certificates/ evidence of relevant training courses and CPD

  • evidence that you have the required English language standard 

  • references from employers 

  • evidence of any relevant postgraduate qualifications and additional training programmes (if applicable)

  • a certified copy of a valid passport

  • a passport sized photograph 

  • a certificate of good standing)


Please contact Monroe Medical if any assistance with dental hygienist registration would be required.


How long would I need to wait for the GDC registration?


Because of COVID 19 many assessors work from home. However, majority of candidates obtain an update within 2-4 weeks.



Are there many jobs for dental hygienists in the UK?

Yes, there are many posts advertised on Indeed. Nearly every dental surgery in the UK employs 1-4 dental technicians and dental hygienists, depending on the size of the practice.


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