Live in Care Services in London and Home Care in London

Monroe Medical offers professional home care and live in care packaged for our clients in London.


What does a live-in carer offer?

At Monroe Medical, we carefully match the live in carer to the care recipient.

We take into account your loved one’s interests, daily routines and personality.

This professional match ensures that a quality home care is delivered.


Our live in carers in London would provide the following assistance:

  • Personal care, such as assistance with bathing, dressing and toileting

  • Continence care, whether it is changing continence pads or managing a stoma or catheter

  • Medication support, including prompts or administering medication, even the more complex prescriptions

  • Support with pain management

  • Help moving around the home, whether it is gentle support or hoisted transfers

  • Housekeeping duties, such as  dusting, changing beds or doing the laundry

  • Preparing meals to your tastes, and washing up afterwards

  • Caring for your pet, including feeding and walking

  • Running errands to collect prescriptions or the food shopping

  • Companionship and supporting your independent living at home


This type of home care service is provided by qualified cares and nurses.

If your loved one suffers from Dementia or Stroke, we would also provide a tailored made home care packages and Exercise Programmes.



What are the advantages of choosing Monroe Medical? Why our service: home care in London

At Monroe Medical we believe in the importance of providing the highest standard of live-in care for our clients in London.

Live-in care offers a practical, personalised and cost-effective alternative to residential or nursing home care.

Live-in care provides the highest level of one-to-one help and assistance in and secure surroundings of home.

Monroe Medical’s consultant are registered with HCPC and NMC in London.

We understand how important home care is to your loved one.

Not only compassionate care but also companionship and exercises programmes are provided by our live in carers for our clients in London.

When is the best time to enquire about live in care service in London?


If you or your loved one would need additional home help, supervision or assistance, you can certainly arrange a non-obligatory consultation and discuss your needs and various options for live in care in London.



It does it really matter if you need someone to stay with you to provide reassurance or assistance with household tasks, live in care service in London is a perfect solution for you.

Live in cares help with the following tasks:


  • Personal care

  • Assistance with medical appointment

  • Help with cleaning, meal preparation

  • Mobility practice and exercise


There are many live in care agencies in London. However, it is important to choose a professional and well-establish live in care service.


We offer continuous monitoring and physiotherapy service to ensure that our clients receive top class care service in London.

"We were looking for 3 months for a reliable live in carer in London. We have approached many agencies and home care providers in London. Monroe Medical has answered promptly and offer a comprehensive assessment. Live in carer - Daria - is a registered nurse. This is a geniuine and professional service. We couldn't wish for a better live in care service in London" - Mary Wilson, London

For additional information relating to private and affordable home care in London, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

Professional live in care in London home help in London


We offer excellent home assistance and 24/7 live in service in the following areas:


NOTTING HILL W1 - live in care London

KENSINGTON W8 - live in care, elderly care London

KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW7 - Dementia care, live in home care London

CHELSEA SW3 - live in care and complex care

RICHMOND - live in care and home help

WEST BROMPTON SW10 - Dementia care and complex care

BERMONDSEY - live in care and complex care

SOUTHWARK - live in home care

Monroe Medical offers excellent home care service in London and surrounding areas. Our live in carers are experienced and have medical background. They also specialise in complex care and mobility exercises in order to improve well-being of our clients.

For the clients who would like to remain in the comfort of their own home,live in care service is a perfect solution.

Especially for patients who suffer from Dementia - familiar  surroundings and regular daily routines are crucial.

Home care London

Live in care services in London are very popular.

Many patients benefit from professional assistance with daily tasks and help with transfers.

Home help in London promotes independence and improves well-being of clients who suffer from chronic and acute conditions.

Live in care in London  is a professional approach and a cost effective alternative to a nursing home placements.

Private home care in London offers more than a companionship.

Our live in carers in London  can also assist with shopping, appointments and various additional duties.

They also can assist with mobility practice and exercises, if necessary.

Please ring us to enquire about home care in London

Home care in London is a popular option for clients who prefer to remain in home settings.

Many elderly patients prefer to home settings instead of a residential home stay.

Being surrounded by family is one of the main reasons why people opt for a private home care in London.

Live in carers can assist with shopping, appointments and abroad trips if necessary.

Home care in London has many other advantages.

Live in carers know your hobbies, routines and habits.

If you prefer to wake up at 10 am and have your breakfast in bed, that is absolutely possible and our live in carers will support you with these requirements.

Please ring Monroe Medical to enquire about private home care in London.

The future of private home care in England

Since 2010 home care in England has become a flexible and affordable solutions for clients who would like to remain home surrounded by family and friends.

Independence is an important factor if it comes to private home care in England.

Although a nursing home stay needs to be also paid, live in care service allows the clients to continue with their habits, interests and life style choices.

Moreover, Monroe Medical places one live in carer with each family.

This allows our carers to know clients’ needs, requirements and routines.

That is why home care in England is popular among families who value comfort and safety.

Also, the prices for a private home care in England are more flexible and affordable than charges relating to nursing homes.


Please ring Monroe Medical to enquire about home care in England.

Many clients prefer to remain at home instead of a residential or a nursing home.

Live in carers in London can assist with various tasks. This comprehensive assistance allows our clients and their families to ensure that quality care is provided.

Live in care London

Elderly care London

Dementia care London

Exercises and mobility practice – live in care London

Support in your home with live in  care in London

Live in care in London allows our patients to stay safe and independent whilst obtaining professional  home care in London and dedicated support.

It also allows our client to enjoy their life and hobbies and activities without the need of transferring to a residential or nursing home.

Please ring us to enquire about private home care in London.

Live in care London


Our live in carers in London are fully trained to follow up the exercise programmes devised by registered Physiotherapists.

Mobility and walking practice is crucial if it comes to well-being.

Many clients also benefit from physiotherapy exercises and fall prevention programmes

Our live in care London division is supervised by registered Physiotherapists.

Please ring Monroe Medical to enquire how physiotherapy services can help you and obtain a confidential advice about private home care in London.

“Thank you very much for excellent help with exercises and rehab programmes after stroke. I can walk now and I feel so much better. Thank you Monroe Medical – top live in care provider in London.

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Monroe Medical is an introductory agency as defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and RQIA. We vet, check, train and introduce self-employed carers to clients. Monroe Medical is the trading name of Monroe Medical NI Ltd, a company registered in Northern Ireland (NI616503). 


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