Monroe Medical’s success as a home care provider in Northern Ireland, England and Ireland is based on the following:

Professional leader in supplying healthcare professionals in the UK, Ireland and Poland. 

Successful assistance with HCPC and CORU Registration 

Advanced Training Programmes 

Our consultants are  registered Senior Physiotherapists and Nurses.

We offer continuous comprehensive support and monitoring.

Our friendly carers can also provide Home Exercise Programmes and Fall Prevention Mobility Plans under the supervision of UK registered Physiotherapists.

Monroe Medical - trusted and recommended by our clients and healthcare professionals.

We received 97 outstanding scores at our Annual Independent Satisfaction Survey.

98% of our clients and healthcare professionals would recommend our service.

Reasons to put Monroe Medical as your FIRST CHOICE

The best professional and experienced carers

Our compassionate carers are well experienced and trained by  UK Senior Physiotherapists.

They offer home care services in London, Dublin and Belfast.


The highest standards of care and an effective monitoring system
We review and evaluate carer’s performance to ensure the highest level of care is delivered


Affordable pricing policy - live in care in London, Dublin and Belfast
We offer very competitive rates, often notably lower than those of other home care agencies.



Additional Service to improve your mobility and fitness
We are the only care agency to provide Mobility Improvement Programmes and Fall Prevention Exercises to improve the well-being and fitness of our clients, if necessary.


Companionship packages tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients.
We use holistic and goal orientated approaches for our clients’ well-being, mobility, and independence.


Continues Family Support
24/7 access to information and advice with our UK registered Senior Physiotherapists and Nurses.


National coverage  

Monroe Medical provides professional home care and live-in care services in the UK and Ireland.

We offer the following services:

- live in home care London

- live in home care Belfast

- live in home care Dublin

- live in home care Birmingham

- live in home care Manchester

- live in home care Liverpool

- live in home care Sheffield

- live in home care Oxford

We also provide live in care and home help in the following locations:

  • Live in care Belfast

  • Live in care London

  • Live in care Birmingham

  • Live in care Oxford

  • Live in care Sheffield

  • Live in care Liverpool

  • Live in care Manchester

  • Live in care Dublin

  • Live in care Hemel Hempstead

  • Live in care Longfield

  • Live in care Sittingbourne

  • Live in care Aylesbury

  • Live in care Milton Keynes


Gerard  Devlin, Belfast

“If not for Monroe Medical I would need to go to a care home. Their rates were very competitive too. My Personal Carer was friendly and professional.  I was involved in daily exercise routines and received excellent assistance with daily tasks. Now I can walk independently to the shops. It’s a reliable and professional service. Thank you! Highly recommended”.

Rinaldo Sergi– Registered Senior Nurse, Dublin

“I am a Community Nurse in London. I visit patients on a daily basis in their own homes. I have seen a tremendous difference in the well-being of my patients. They can remain at home in their own familiar environment. This is to be encouraged!


Monroe Medical treats everyone with dignity and in a professional, caring manner. Carers demonstrate a passionate commitment to their clients’ well-being and mobility. Highly recommended”.

Jack Edgar, Ennis (Ireland)

“Best choice I made to use a professional and friendly carer from Monroe Medical for my Dad. Joanna is compassionate and is prepared to go the extra mile – she takes my Dad out shopping and helps with housework.


My Dad also received home exercise programmes. He loves this extra activity and it helps with his arthritis.


Monroe Medical checks regularly if we need extra help. Thank you for your care and support”.

Our Carers

-    Our carers are qualified and experienced professionals with outstanding references
-    Our medical team interviews every candidate with scenario testing and case studies 
-    We ensure carers have all the necessary compliance documents and a criminal record check
-    Every carer is trained by UK registered Senior Specialist Physiotherapists with respect to physiotherapy exercises and programmes, if necesarry.
-   Our friendly carers are also trained to respect client’s dignity and privacy at all times.

Our carers provide the following services:

live in home care Dublin

live in home care Belfast

live in home care London

live in home care Birmingham

live in home care Oxford

live in home care Manchester

live in home care Liverpool

live in home care Sheffield

Extremely Affordable Rates

Competitive pricing policy and significantly lower rates places  Monroe Medical way above competitors.


  • Our live-in packages start from £559 per week and private home care services start from £590 per hour.

Now please compare competitors’rates :

Type of care we offer:

Live in Care

Hourly Care

Dementia Care

Rehab Care

Palliative Care

Overnight Care

Care for Couples

Stroke Recovery 

Parkinson’s Care

Disability Care

live in care London

I worked for over 12 years as an NHS Extended Scope Practitioner and Senior Specialist Physiotherapist. I am aware that many patients and their families find it challenging to find a reliable and professional care service.

At Monroe Medical we offer excellent and affordable care packages tailored to our client’s requirements accompanied by a successful monitoring system.

Our dedicated carers also offer specialist Exercise Programmes to promote well-being and independence for our growing clientele.

This mixture of specialist quality care, continual support and improvement of mobility ensures that the needs of each individual are fulfilled.

Monica Milczarek  M.A B.Sc (Hons) MHCPC
Medical Director 
Senior Specialist Physiotherapist  
Extended Scope Practitioner 

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