HCPC Registration -Step by Step Guide

The Second Section in the HCPC Registration form is about your qualifications.

You need to write down the name of your university or collage and name of your qualification - bachelor, aster, PhD, diploma etc. 

Note: If you completed B.Sc. in Physiotherapy or Radiography and you are in process of completing your Master degree, you can list these two qualifications.

The most common mistake is to use a wring email ID as a key person who may verify the above information. Please ensure your provide a correct email ID. It can be a course director or someone who supervised your study or practical placement. 

If the email address is incorrect, it may take longer to obtain an update from the HCPC Registration Department. 

If you have any additional questions about Page 2 HCPC Registration form please contact us via email or phone. Our HCPC Registered Clinicians will answer your queries via email or phone.

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