HCPC Registration - Experience section

The Experience Section is extremely important in the HCPC registration form. 

Your clinical  experience, settings, conditions etc. would need to be described in the HCPC Registration form. 

You need to chose two  clinical components and provide details in the HCPC Registration form.

It can be your current or previous employment or your student internship.

You will also need to provide an email address to a person who would verify this information. It can be your current employer, course director etc.

It is important to provide correct email ID's in the HCPC Registration forms. If the email ID's are incorrect, your HCPC registration form may be sent back to you or you may be asked to forward a correct email ID. This may prolong the waiting time for the HCPC registration approval.

If any additional details are required, please contact us and we will assist with HCPC registration.

Please ensure your read the following HCPC Registration document.


Please click here to see positive reviews from candidates who obtained HCPC Registration. 

If any professional assistance is required with HCPC Registration, please contact us via info@monroemedical.co.uk 

HCPC registration