First page HCPC Registration 



HCPC Registration  - Page By Page Guide to HCPC registration


On the first page you would need to include the following:

 - name

 - surname

 - address

 - email ID


Note: NIN stands for National Insurance Number

If you have not worked in the UK, probably you do not have your NIN.

You can leave this space blank in your HCPC registration form.


If any additional assistance would be required with the HCPC Registration form, please let us know.


Most common questions relating to HCPC Registration form - first page.


I have changed my surname while applying for the HCPC Registration?

What can I do?


If you have changed your surname while applying for the HCPC Registration, you would need to inform the HCPC Registration advisors as soon as possible.

Sometimes a proof of your surname change would be required.


I am in process of filling in HCPC Registration forms. I live in India but I will move to the UK soon. What address should I use on my HCPC Registration?


You should always provide your current address in your HCPC Registration form.

Sometimes candidates bring the HCPC Registration form with themselves to the UK and finalise various sections while studying in the UK.

You can then use your UK address. 


Please note: A proof of address would need to be included in the HCPC Registration form. 

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